【新製品!11月以降入荷予定】FIFISH E-GO_ARM_SET_E200A(200mケーブル・アームセット)






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\お悩みの方へおすすめ!/ まずは無料の水中ドローン体験会へお越しください♪


水中ドローン 新世代産業用水中ドローン


Next-generation Underwater
Operational Robot

Underwater Operations Transformed
Subsea Robotics
Driving Industry

  • 4K UHD Camera 176° FOV Lens4K UHD Camera
    176° FOV Lens
  • AI Vision Station LockAI Vision
    Station Lock
  • 10,000 Lumen Lights 160° Beam Angle10,000 Lumen
    160° Beam Angle
  • Hot Swappable Power SystemHot Swappable
    Power System
  • Dual Q-IF Accessory Ports 3.0Dual Q-IF
    Accessory Ports 3.0
  • Modular Quick Release DesignModular Quick
    Release Design
  • Powerful Ring-wing MotorsPowerful
    Ring-wing Motors
  • 360° Omnidirectional Movement360°

Elite, Aesthetic &

Optimized Form & Optimized Form

Optimized Form
& Structure

The brand new FIFISH E-GO features a sleek and curved exterior inspired by the hammerhead shark, providing the E-GO with exceptional resistance to underwater currents.

Fluid Dynamic Design & Build

Fluid Dynamic
Design & Build

With its biomimetic shark tail fin design and streamlined fluid dynamics, the FIFISH E-GO effortlessly maneuvers through underwater operations, smoothly navigating the oceans.

Advanced Power & Strength

With FIFISH E-GO’s new Ring-wing design, experience a 30% increased speed and 50% improved kinetic energy efficiency from previous generations. The E-GO’s anodized aluminum alloy blades deliver strong damage resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-crystallization. Carry out smooth and worry-free operations.

Complete Freedom
of Movement

FIFISH E-GO achieves 360° omnidirectional movement and hovering capability, with zero blind spots. Powered by six-axis vector motors, FIFISH E-GO excels in all-dimensional underwater operations.

See Beyond Limits with
Ultra-wide Vision

Equipped with a 176° ultra-wide-angle reconnaissance camera, FIFISH E-GO sets the standard as the only robot in its class boasting a 146° fisheye field of view. Experience the forefront of underwater imaging technology.

10cm Underwater Macro Capture

With a macro focus range of 10cm, FIFISH E-GO achieves maximum proximity to targets, allowing for a clear field of view across a range of underwater environments.

Empowered Operations with AI

FIFISH E-GO's AI Vision Station Lock enables effortless one-click target lock of underwater objects. With automatic hovering and current resistance, it provides reliable stability and support for underwater operations.

AI Filtering
Operate with

FIFISH's AI plankton filtering algorithm automatically identifies underwater plankton and enhances image quality through a detailed filtering system, resulting in optimized clarity and visibility of footage.

  • Action Camera Footage
  • FIFISH E-GO Footage

Conquer the

Equipped with four LED light sources, FIFISH E-GO boasts an industry-leading brightness of 10,000 lumens[2]. With a wide 160° lighting coverage angle, it illuminates the extremely dark underwater environments, enabling explorations with clarity and confidence.

Modular Structure & Design

Integrating four major modules - motor, imaging, lighting, and battery, FIFISH E-GO allows for swift spare parts replacement and maintenance, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Instant Power
Achieve Seamless

The FIFSH E-GO features a dual hot-swappable battery system, each with a 72Wh capacity. Its innovative hot-swappable design enables seamless battery replacement without power loss[5], instantly restoring full power. The upgraded quick-disassembly structure incorporates pressure-resistant, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant connectors for fast and secure battery replacement.

Portable Charging Station,

The portable and powerful Q-Energy Station[4] provides rapid charging, reaching 90% capacity in only 50 minutes. A feature resolving battery life concerns, making it an ideal choice for extended underwater operations.

Dual Accessory
Your Efficiency

Experience enhanced versatility with the E-GO's redesigned internal space, featuring dual payload interfaces that allow operators to attach up to six operational tools simultaneously[6]. Unlock a new level of capability and adaptability for a wide range of tasks.

Dual Accessory Ports

Quick Release
Your Productivty

Optimize your operational efficiency with the E-GO's upgraded quick-release installation and disassembly structure. Attach operational accessories in as fast as 9 seconds, revolutionizing workflow efficiency and maximizing productivity.

Professional Add-ons,
Customizable Combinations

The E-GO offers limitless flexibility by supporting a wide range of accessories, allowing operators to create a diverse array of operational setups. Leveraging its professional capabilities, it effortlessly adapts to different operational scenarios, ensuring optimal performance and versatility.

Quick Data Storage & Transfer

Maximize work efficiency with the E-GO's built-in Micro SD card slot. Get fast access to underwater operational data, allowing for efficient storage and retrieval of essential information of up to 256GB.


Bridge InspectionsBridge Inspections
Emergency Search & RescueEmergency Search & Rescue
Law Enforcement & Public SafetyLaw Enforcement & Public Safety
Water Resources & ManagementWater Resources & Management
Aquaculture & FisheriesAquaculture & Fisheries
  • Remarks:
  • *Parameters listed on this page are based on controlled testing conditions of the mass-produced FIFISH E-GO underwater drone. Actual results may vary due to external environment, usage, and firmware versions.
  • 1. Working duration data is obtained from FIFISH E-GO operating in static water, running standard intermittent tests until reaching 0% battery. Actual battery life may vary in different water environments and is for reference only.
  • 2. FIFISH E-GO has four illumination beads, with each capable of a theoretical maximum luminous flux of 3000 lumens. When all four beads operate together, the theoretical maximum luminous flux is 10,000 lumens.
  • 3. The upper expansion interface of FIFISH E-GO supports 11V-24V@5A, while the lower expansion interface supports 12V@5A.
  • 4. Q-Energy Charging Station is optional and available as part of a package or for separate purchase.
  • 5. Hot-swappable battery replacement for FIFISH E-GO is only supported in an air/ above-water environment. Please do not replace the battery underwater.
  • 6. FIFISH E-GO requires the use of the Q-interface expansion dock to support a maximum of six operating tools simultaneously.